State Key Laboratory of Materials-Oriented Chemical Engineering
(Nanjing Tech University)

State Key Laboratory of Materials-Oriented Chemical Engineering (MCE) started to construct under the official approval of the Ministry of Science and Technology of China. The laboratory passed the official evaluations and checks by the Ministry of Science and Technology of China in 2009, 2010and 2014respectively.Currently, the chairman of Academic Committee of MCE is Academician &Prof. HeTian,and the director of MCE is Academician & Prof.Nanping Xu.

MCE is devoted to the international frontier research and national urgent technological demands. Its main academic thoughts are based on the“applications ofchemical engineering principles and methodologies to the development and processing of novel materials” and the “development of advanced chemical engineering unit operation technologies and theories based on new materials”. The program aims to resolve the bottleneck problems in energy, resources andenvironment that are restraining the sustainable development of processing industry, through exploiting the relations between the functions, structures and applications of the materials. The laboratory aims at providing an academic platform with world classfacilities for innovative interdisciplinaryresearch covered both chemical engineeringand materials science andengineering.

There are mainly three research directions under developing as follows: (1) Materials structure and transport phenomenon: it aims to explain therelation offunction, structure, and application of materials in multi-scalerangeand simulate theflow in process design and production processing, to establish the theoreticalfoundation of material-orientedchemicalengineering using molecular simulationsandexperiments; (2) Chemical engineering methods for material preparation: using theoryand methods of chemical engineering to design and synthesize materials, researchingsystematically on production process of material in chemical engineering, and developing design and preparation of some important new materials, to lay thefoundation of principles and methodologies of new materials production; (3) Chemical engineering application of materials: Focusing on the national middle and long term development program of science and technology, facing the bottleneck problems in energy, resources and environment that are restraining the sustainable development of processing industry, research in novel separation technology, reaction technology,and process integration technology, toform landmarkachievements with independent intellectual property rightsand significant impacts on national economy.

Devoting to the key scientific issues of important technologies, the laboratory has solved some main problems that appeared during the materials preparation and their application in chemical engineering, promoted the commercialization of a batch of technological achievements, and obtained hugeeconomicand social benefits. Forexample, the key universal technology platform of high-efficient synthesis of highenergy phosphinylidyne compounds and the high-efficient in situ energyrecoveryand self-coupling systems have been established, which has greatly improved both of the qualityand quantityof the commercial production, realized the upgrade industries of technologies; The thoughts of designingand application of ceramic membranes forapplication processes have been proposed and the designing methodology of ceramic membrane associated with particle and colloidal systems has been established,enabled the international advanced level of ourcountry’s preparation technologies ofceramic membrane materials; The fast detection method on the reaction activity ofaggregated alkali carbonates has been proposed firstly in the world, the micro-defecttheory of Alite structure formed by doping of cation and anion has been established,and the energy saving problems during preparation of high performance cements have been resolved by the CFD technologies; The integration technologies of reactions and distillations under various working conditions have been developed, with the optimized match ofreaction and separation abilities realized and theapplication areaswidened; The quantitativerelations between material functions and microstructures have been established, the laws and mechanisms of micro/meso level phase structures andevolution process of materials preparation andapplication have been acquired, to provide theoretic guidance on designing, preparation and application of new materials.With these important research progress and achievements, the laboratory has been awarded three items ofthe second-class national technical invention prizes and nine items of the first-class provincial and ministerial prizes; the laboratory has also published a batch of high quality papers and acquired a batch of invention patents,achieved excellenteconomic and social benefits.

Through establishing high-profile, international competitive research teams, andattracting outstanding domestic and overseas scholars to join the teams, up to now, these teams have progressively developed into a strong group with Academician as the group leader, professors with overseas academic experiences the main research body, and outstanding young teachers with Ph. D degree the key research personnel. The laboratory consists of ninety-four permanent faculties and staffs; among them, there are three academicians, six experts of “National 863 program”, one advisorycommittee member of Bio-industry Development of National Development andReform Commission of Bio-industry, seven “National 973 program” chief scientists,nine members have been supported by the National Outstanding Youth Foundation,and two National Outstandingprofessional technical experts. One Team has been award as “innovative group” by the Ministry of Science and Technology of thePeople’s Republic of China. Four Teams has been awarded as “innovative group”by the National Ministry of Education.

MEC has close contacts and collaborations with both domesticandinternational scientific institutes; it owes academic reputation inthe field ofchemical engineering. Up to now manyfamous international and domestic scholarshave been invited to MCE forvisiting or academiccommunications. The FirstChineseNational Chemical and Biochemical Engineering Annual Meeting and theTwelfth International Conference on Concrete Alkali Aggregate Reaction have been successfullyorganized. There are manyresearchers of MCE occupy in internationalinstitutions and academic organizations. The laboratoryexplores to construct creative, open and cooperation systems. It develops open exchange mechanisms of domesticand abroad academic research with the open platform. MCE forms industriesfundamental research mechanisms through establishing research centers with large group corporations, to serve the development of national key industries. The laboratorycooperates with local government and enterprises to found Nanjing universitytechnologynational science park and Nanjing technologysquare, and provides service for regional economic development.

Following the guidingprinciple of establishinghigh-profile base of research of Materials-Oriented Chemical Engineering, talent training, and academic exchange,the laboratory works on the purpose of training and fetching in outstanding youngresearch scientists and excellent teams, centering on the strategic needs of thecountry,exerting its own characteristics and superiority, strengthening the systematical basicresearch, accelerating the transformation of scientific and technological achievements,and developing significant achievements with independent intellectual propertyrightsand significant impacts on national economy, to realize the direct contributions fromfundamentalresearchesto nationaleconomic and social developments.

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